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Polovodie (Flood) 2008 -Magnitogorsk, Russia

Festival Organisator: Lia Kinibaeva

Fashion and music festival Polovodie started in 2008 on 26 of June,on a specially constructed podium, inside the fountain near City Council building.
Opening ceremony is performed by people, who used to be the festival organization team in the past, starting from 1999.
Right after this, Ptentsi (young birds) collection was shown, which was presented by the children of three to four years old.
This year, there was a surprise performance with Max Chernitsov’s collection, who was the festival's ideologist back in 1999.
Among other participants there were Dutch Fashion designers Ursula Pelt and Marloes Kroeze.

Love stories, expressions of passionate emotions and icy irony were told in clothes' language on the stage; torch lights were lit, pillows torn, English band Tiny Dancers performed.

All that and more was the festival the FLOOD back in 2008!

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Max Chernitsov
ALIASKO collection
Max CHERNITSOV, designer, Moscow
David Kay, rock band "Tiny Dancers", UK
Collection of designer Galina Peredein, Ufa
Collection of designer Marloes Kroeze, the Netherlands
Collection of designer Galia Ignatova
Collection of designer Marloes Kroeze - the Netherlands
Nastia Wetsheva, met model from the collection of Dutch designer Marloes Kroeze
Collection of designer Nastia Wetsheva, Russia
Collection of designer Marloes Kroeze, The Netherlands

Designer Ursula Pelt, The Netherlands